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    About brand

    About brand, the idea

    BLIKVANGER is a Georgian emerging mono brand producing clothes and accessories (bags, hats, shoes).
    The brand was founded in November 2016 and each Blikvanger product is made in Tbilisi, Georgia.
    The name – Blikvanger is a German-Dutch word meaning eye-catcher, memorable.
    Blikvanger is a conceptual brand. Each of its collections have a story to tell and evolve around different
    themes. It is important for Blikvanger to support the freedom of expression with its designs - to make
    people feel more confident, bold and unique. The brand strives to be sustainable and with its work ethic
    it supports minimizing the production waste to the environment.

    Working process

    Everything is done manually, nothing is produced in a factory. Especially the knits are completely
    handmade. The production process is very close to the way Haute Couture works, therefore, the creation
    of each item takes a long time. None of the processes happen digitally, or in a factory.
    Blikvanger is not fast fashion, we do not produce thousands of stocks for nothing.
    We produce 2 main collections during a year: Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter. Also, we are working on
    capsule collections.
    The brand mainly works on a Made To Order basis, which means that each item takes 16 days to be made.
    This principle is adjusted to the requirements of specific customers, as much as possible, to get the final
    product the way they want (considering color, size and other details).



    - Made To Order - Working on the Made To Order principle, we strive to be a sustainable brand
    and minimize overproduction and any negative impact on the environment on our part.
    - Faux materials - We never use natural leather in our clothes.
    - Minimal waste - We try to produce clothes with minimal waste. When creating a design, we
    always try to use the fabric as much as possible and not waste it.
    - New life to a waste - We use the leftover materials to make accessories or to decorate new
    designs. We redesign some things that are not sold for a long time and give them a second life.
    We also often make blankets for stray animals with leftover fabrics.
    - Transformable designs - It is important for Blikvanger to create functional clothing, thereby
    supporting practicality and profitability for customers. By creating transformable designs, we
    offer the consumer different functions of the same product, Blikvanger’s most famous items are
    the transformable jackets, which can be transformed into 2, 3 or 4 different designs.

    Participations / exposure

    Since its debut at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (MBFW) in 2017, Blikvanger’s collections
    have been showcased on MBFW Tbilisi runway (every season since 2017), Fashion Week Poland, digital
    China Fashion Week, Pitti Super showroom in Milan and Who’s Next trade show in Paris
    The brand also collaborated with Zaffori, where Blikvanger created a concept and designs for a complete
    capsule collection. 

    Blikvanger’s designs have been worn by celebrities and influencers, such as: Billy Porter, Alicia Silverstone, Bella Thorne, Saweetie, Heather Morris, Ashley Roberts, Camila Coelho, Maude Apatow and more.

    The brand has been featured in magazines like: Vogue, L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Forbes, WWD and more.